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Shelby relaxed cut longline knit shell tunic and dress

Featuring: fitted at the bust and flared to the bottom hem, tunic top or a dress with a gathered ruffle. Long enough to fully cover your hips with a slightly...

Brooke knit polo shirt and dress for women (PDF)

  Featuring: fitted at the shoulders and bust, relaxed at the waist and semi fitted at the hips classic polo shirt or dress. Neckline is finished with a classic (Eton collar)...

Alexis relaxed fit hoodie dress (PDF)

Featuring: oversized relaxed fit hoodie, fitted at the shoulders, semi fitted around the bust, and loose fitted around the waist and hips. Mid-thigh length, a huge centre pocket, an easy...

Soho dolman relaxed style top, tunic and mini dress (PDF)

Featuring: loose fitting at the shoulders, bust and hips, v-neck dolman style top, tunic  and mini dress designed for knit fabrics. Can have optional side colorblocking and inseam pockets (tunic...

Piper knit top with a yoke (pdf)

Featuring:  Semi-fitted at the shoulders and bust and relaxed at the waist and hips. Top with an accent front and back yoke. Comes as a sleeveless top or with long,...

Mulberry drop shoulder knit top for children (PDF)

Featuring: relaxed at the shoulders, chest, waist and hips drop shoulder top for children designed for knit fabrics. Comes with an optional shoulder/arm color blocking insert, kangaroo pocket and gathered...

Erica knit pencil skirt (PDF)

Featuring: classic pencil skirt in knit perfect for every day, cozy and feminine. Designed to be made from knit fabric with at least 25-50% stretch. Best works with mid weight...
$5.99 $4.59

Florence woven gored skirt with buttons/zipper (PDF)

Featuring:  fitted at the waist, semi fitted at the hips and flared at the bottom hem 8 gores skirt designed for light to medium weight woven fabrics. Has two lengths -...
$9.99 $7.99