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Featuring:  relaxed at the shoulders, waist and hips drop shoulder top that comes in cropped, short, hip and longline lengths. Comes as a top with a hi-lo split hem, a regular hem (cropped and short length only) or a banded hem. Can be finished with short, 3/4 or long sleeves hemmed or with bands/cuffs as well as with flared short sleeves. Regular short, 3/4 or long sleeves can be decorated with a flounce or with colorblocking / loops along the shoulder and the arm. Optional simple kangaroo pocket. Offers a regular/wide crew or medium depth scoop neckline. 

The pattern offers the following options:

View A - Hemmed short top with flutter sleeves and scoop neckline
View B - Long top with a split hem, simple short sleeves and a crew neckline
View C - Banded top with long hemmed sleeves, decorated with a flounce and wide neckline.
View D - Banded top with a colorblocked / loops accent along the sleeves, kangaroo pocket and a crew neckline



1. PDF tutorial with pictures (28 pages)
2. A4/Letter gradable pattern in sizes US0-US30 / XXS-4XL PETITE/REG/TALL height (40-45 pages to print)
3. A0/Copyshop multisized pattern in sizes US0-US30 / XXS-4XL PETITE/REG/TALL height (3 pages to print)
4. Projector multisized layered pattern with a calibration grid in sizes US0-US30 / XXS-4XL PETITE/REG/TALL
5. Email/Facebook group support



The pdf pattern comes in REGULAR, PETITE and TALL with sizes from US0-US30 

PETITE 152-160 cm /5 1” - 5 3”
REGULAR 162-170 cm / 5 4” - 5 6”
TALL 170-178 cm / 5 7” - 5 9”

Sinclair Patterns Sizing guide Womens


The pdf pattern is a beginner one (2-3/10)  with easy to follow detailed tutorial.
Takes 2-4 hours to finish (time may vary depending on your skills, equipment and supplies).


Light to medium weight knit fabrics with at least 30% horizontal and 10-20% vertical stretch. 

cropped and short hemmed/hip banded 0.7 m / 3/4 yard
long banded and both split hem lengths 0.9 m / 1 yard

(NOTE: all sleeve lengths can be cut with bodice yardage)
cropped and short hemmed/hip banded 1.6 m / 1 3/4 yard
long banded and both split hem lengths 1.8 m / 2 yards

Sleeves plain or colorblocked:
SHORT SLEEVE (hemmed and banded) 0.2 m / 1/4 yard
3/4 SLEEVE (hemmed and banded) 0.4 m / 1/2 yard
LONG SLEEVE (hemmed and cuffed) 0.6 m / 2/3 yard
FLUTTER SLEEVE / FLOUNCE 0.4 m / 1/2 yard (NOTE: for US0-US16 flouce can be cut with long sleeve yardage)

For colorblocked sleeves:
Plain insert 0.2 m / 1/4 yard
Loop option 0.2 m / 1/4 yard to 0.3 m / 1/3 yard depending on sleeve length

NECKBAND (all versions) 5 cm / 2 in
SLEEVE BANDS 10 cm / 4 in
CUFFS 20 cm / 8 in (NOTE: neckband can be cut with from given yardage)
US0-US24 0.2 m / 1/4 yard
US26-US30 0.4 m / 1/2 yard (NOTE: Neckband and bands/cuffs can be cut with given yardage)



  1. (optional, but recommended) 25-30 cm / 10-12 in long clear elastic or lightweight 1/4 in width cotton tape for stabilizing shoulder seams

  2. Polyester / Cotton threads

  3. (optional) Matching overlocker threads, preferably wooly nylon stretch overlocking thread


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Our patterns come in extensive sizing range and each pattern offers Petite/Short, Regular and Tall options. All options included into the patterns.

We do not offer separate cup sizing for our knit patterns.

Cup sizes for different sizes you can find in the table below. The sizing letters refer to 'sewing cup size' which is measured as a difference between upper and full bust in inches. This cup sizing is different from bra cup sizing. As a general rule our patterns fit well majority of our customers without additional modifications. 


Full sizing guide for Women 

* Please note that some patterns have US0-US22 sizing included into the patterns. Check individual pattens to get that information. 

PETITE 152-160 cm /5 1” - 5 3”
REGULAR 162-170 cm / 5 4” - 5 6”
TALL 170-178 cm / 5 7” - 5 9”

More information: What is the difference between Petite, Regular and Tall

Sinclair patterns - PDF sewing sewing patterns sizing guide

Full sizing guide for Men 

SHORT 163-170 cm /5’4” - 5’7”
REG 173-180 cm / 5’8” - 5’11”
TALL 183-190 cm / 6’-6’3”
Sinclair Patterns Sizing guide for Mens patterns


Full sizing guide for children 

Our sewing patterns for children is are for 2 body types - Regular and Slim. Please note, that Regular and Slim sizing charts refer to the body type (vertical to horizontal measurements proportions) and not to the fit of the garment.

REGULAR sizing
Sizes A-R or D-R (check individual patterns for sizing)  
HEIGHT 56-164 cm / 22-64.6 in or 80-164 cm / 31.5-64.6 in
Appr. 0 Months - 14 Years or 12 Months - 14 Years

SLIM sizing
Sizes D-R
HEIGHT 80-164 cm / 31.5-64.6 in
Appr. 12 Months - 14 Years

Sinclair Patterns kids - sizing guide pdf sewing patterns

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This is a PDF pattern that is delivered as a downloadable file which you can further print at home, print at copyshop or use with your projector.
The files provided with the pattern are Read only. You cannot edit them.
You need to have Adobe Acrobat (free app) to open and print them.
You can use this pattern for your small home based sewing business, including manufacturing small batches of garments for sale.

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