Accessing your account

  1. I want to register an account before making a purchase, how I can do that?
    1. At the moment we do not have that option due to spam robot registrations. Your account will be automatically created when you make your first purchase. 
    2. Alternatively you can get a free pattern (currently Harper cardigan) and go through check out process where your account will be created automatically. 
  2. I forgot my password. How I can reset my password?
    1. Go to My account page and click Reset my password or follow this link Reset my password
    2. Follow the instructions from the reset email and create a new password.
  3. I didn’t receive password reset email.
    1. Check your junk mail folder, the email could be filtered by spam filter.
    2. If your email is at hotmail.com, aol.com, msn.com you might need to add hello@sinclairpatterns.com to your address book, so the system delivers the email right to your inbox.  After your added the email to your address book, try to reset your password again.
  4. I forgot my email. How I can log in to my account? 
    1. Use a contact form to request a help, write your full name and some details about your past orders so we can find your account.
    2. Receive a response normally within 48 hours.

Managing your account

  1. I misspelled my name/email, how I can change it?
    1. Log in to your account here
    2. Follow the menu My account >>Account details
    3. Change your details and save changes
  2. I want to change my email, how do I do that?
    1. Log in to your account here
    2. Follow the menu My account >>Account details
    3. Change your email address and save changes
  3. I realised that I have 2 accounts, can I merge them?
    1. Please contact us through contact form and tell us: your email addresses for both of your account. We can merge your accounts only if they were registered under the same name.
    2. Was it 3-5 working days. You will be notified when your accounts are merged. 

Purchasing patterns

Q: I don’t have Paypal or Credit/Debit card. How I can purchase a pattern?
A: At the moment we have only 2 payment options: Paypal or Credit/Debit card. You can always get a prepaid debit card (they normally are sold at supermarkets, news shops at the gift card section) and use it for internet purchases. When you purchase that kind of card make sure it allows online purchases (because some of them work only at offline shops).

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Gold Coast, Australia. Our website shows prices in Australian dollars for customers from Australia/New Zealand and in US dollars for the rest of the world. All promotional activity, specials and discounts are based on US dollars. At the moment we do not charge GST for Australian orders and no sales tax or VAT for international orders. Depending on your location, your debit/credit card currency and your rates and conditions with your bank, the transaction may be a subject to International transaction fees. Please contact your bank to get more information.

Q: How long does it take to get the pattern after I make an order?
A: Your pattern is available for download as soon as you complete your order. Find your patterns files at My account >>Downloads

Q: I found out that I purchased the same pattern twice. What can I do?
A: Please contact us through contact form and tell us: your account email, the name of the pattern and which pattern do you want to get instead of the duplicate one.

Q: Can you send my patterns to my email?
A: We do not send pattern files by email due to email attachment size limitations. You can download your patterns anytime at My account >>Downloads

Q: Can you send me paper pattern?
A: At the moment we do not offer printed patterns. You can download A0/Copyshop format of the pattern and use plotting services to print your patterns. You can OFFICEWORKS, STAPLES, some of DHL/FEDEX offices or online services like https://www.pdfplotting.com/

My orders / My Patterns

Q: There are so many files to download, which ones I need?
A: Download your Tutorial first (goes first in the download list) and go through it. It explains what you need to download and print. You can find it here: My account >>Downloads