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ADD-ON Flared skirts for Valley skater dress (PDF)

Featuring:  a new add-on pack that includes 6 different styles of flared skirts that can be made as separate garments or added as a skirt to the Valley skater dress. View...

Adele knit boatneck top (PDF)

Featuring:  fitted at the shoulders and bust, semi fitted at the waist and hips boatneck top designed for knit fabrics. Neckline is finished with binding that is attached to the shoulder...

Alana princess seam knit dress with pockets (PDF)

  Featuring: Fitted at the shoulders and bust, semi-fitted at the waist and lightly flared at the hips dress designed for knit fabrics.  Back and Front princess seams go from the...

Alba zip up knit asymmetrical jacket with a cowl and side pockets (PDF)

Featuring: relaxed at the shoulders and waist, semi fitted at the bust and hips (with the bottom band) asymmetrical zippered jacket. Offered with lined draped cowl. Sleeves are finished with...

Alexis relaxed fit hoodie dress (PDF)

Featuring: oversized relaxed fit hoodie, fitted at the shoulders, semi fitted around the bust, and loose fitted around the waist and hips. Mid-thigh length, a huge centre pocket, an easy...

Amaya asymmetrical knit pencil skirt (PDF)

Featuring: casual fit, has no zipper, comfortable knit feel with the more dressy appearance of a pencil skirt. Will bring out flirty and feminine part of you. Designed to be...

Apollo knit colorblocked hoodie for men (PDF)

XS-XXL (US34-US52)SHORT 163-170 cm /5’4” - 5’7”REG 173-180 cm / 5’8” - 5’11”TALL 183-190 cm / 6’-6’3” Featuring:  semi fitted at the shoulders and chest, fitted at the seat (with the...

Bella half circle woven skirt with pockets (PDF)

Featuring: fitted at the waist with a wide contoured waistband half circle skirt is offered in above the knee and knee length. Fully lined for better comfort to move, walk...

Betty faux wrap knit dress (PDF)

Featuring: fitted at the shoulders, bust and waist, semi fitted at the hips. Offered as a knee length dress or hip length blouse. Lightly draped at the waist. Offered with long,...
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