At the moment we accept affiliate applications only from:

  • regular testers (5 and more tests in the last 12 months)
  • active bloggers (who have active website/email list/shop or Instagram/Youtube account and at least 300 followers)
  • strike off seamstresses

To register as an affiliate, please send your details to and include the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address that you’re using to log in to your account at
  3. What patterns are you going to promote
  4. Link to your blog, Instagram or any of posts in the Facebook Promo groups or Sinclair Pattern group
  5. If you have tested any of Sinclair Patterns, include one of your pictures from the test.

Normally it takes up to 5 days to register you as an affiliate. We do not send notifications if your application was not approved.
If you have other questions, please include them in the email.


Q: How do I know if I’m registered as an affiliate?
A:  Go to My Account and check if you have Affiliate section in the sidebar

Q: I was an affiliate, but now I cannot see Affiliate section in the sidebar and my affiliate links don’t work.
A: Affiliate accounts are automatically suspended if there was no first tier activity in the last 6 months, your affiliate account was only used by you to receive self referrals or you made false advertisement (about offers, products etc.).

Q: Where I can post my affiliate links?
A: You can post your affiliate links in your blog, on your website/shop, other websites/platforms/Reddit/Facebook groups that allow affiliate links.

Q: Can I post a garment that I made with an affiliate link in Sinclair Patterns Group?
A: No. Affiliate links posted in Sinclair Patterns Facebook group are permitted only from Admin team and notified testers. All the rest of the posts with affiliate links will be removed. If the rule is violated more than 3 times – your affiliate account will be suspended.